Interview Coaching For Professionals

Interview Coach Pro

Our Interview Coaching is Unique and Powerful… We bring you Fresh Interview Coaching Concepts to DISTINGUISH YOURSELF as a Top Candidate.

Co-Create the Interview…Learn the Power of Marketing and How to Apply it…Discover how every Challenging Interview Question is an Opportunity; Grounded Responses… Anchoring… Pivoting, and MORE…

Interview Coaching for Professionals

Did you know that most experienced professionals have forgotten up to 95% of their accomplishments.  What is the inventory of your strengths and accomplishments?

My exercises enable you to recall experiences which you can use to craft many additional examples of your experiences, so that you can further distinguish yourself from other candidates:

  • where you’ve taken initiative; instances of where you’ve negotiated challenging projects and/or personalities
  • instances where you’ve been a creative problem-solver
  • examples of your skills as a team player, and as a professional who works effectively independently
  • how to present your key strengths and skills crafted succinctly for your interview

Compensation issues?  Gaps in your employment?  Trouble spots in work history?  You are not alone.  I’ve helped candidates reposition what may have been perceived as a negative to a positive.