We offer a Free 15 minute Interview Coaching Consultation

What You Can Expect During Your Interview Coaching Consultation:

  • To prepare for your Free Consultation, a questionnaire will be provided so that Karen can get to know you and assess your Interviewing Coaching requirements.
  • During your Free Consultation, we discuss your goals, strengths and specific challenges that you’d like to address.
  • Discussion of which Interview Coaching package will contribute the most to your Interview strategy, and how you can best reach a level of comfort and skill which will maximize your chance of getting a job offer.

Ask Karen

This is an add-on offer Karen makes to those clients who have enrolled themselves in a package of 3 or 5 interview coaching sessions. She understands that you will have questions that arise from your sessions, from homework, and certainly before and after interviews. You can email confidential questions to her which she will answer. This feature provides tremendous value to your growth and in your process of perfecting your technique, reinforcing your confidence, and finding fresh approaches for an upcoming interview.